Deep in the Game, The Soundtrack
The Hard Boyz, Underground Hits
The Hard Boyz, Trapped in the Game
The Hard Boyz, Potential Murder Suspects

The Hard Boyz, A-Town Hard Heads
Steady Mobb'n, Crime Buddies
South Side Hustlaz, Tryin' 2 Get It
South Click, Rebel Slave

South Click, December 31, 1999
Ray Ray, Nails Did
Psycho, The Boss Bitch
Candy Fresh, Just the Way I Like It

MC Breed, The New Breed
MC Breed, MC Breed Presents The Thugz (Volume 1)
MC Breed, It's All Good
MC Breed, Funkafied

MC Breed, 20 Below
MC Breed & DFC
Mack The Jack, The True Story
Black Dave, Next Stop The Ghetto

Jake the Flake, Out 2 Get Rich
Jake the Flake & The Flint Thugs, Flint Thug Compilation
Ghetto Mafia, Full Blooded Niggaz
Ghetto Mafia, Draw the Line

Gangsta Pat, Sex, Money & Murder
Gangsta Pat, Homicidal Lifestyle
Gangsta Pat, Greatest Hits His Deadliest Verses
Gangsta Pat, Deadly Verses

Gangsta Pat, All About Comin' Up
Gangsta Pat & DFC And Da Street Muthafuckers
G.A.N., 2-4-15
Freak Nasty, Which Way is Up?

Freak Nasty, Controversy? That's Life? And the Way It Is?
Frankie Lons, Do the Frankie Leg
Down South, Bass Kings Volume 1
DJ Stag, Party Time

DFC , Things In Tha Hood
Cherrelle, The Right Time
M.C. Breed 2 For the Show CD